Stan Sword

Involvement with AwakenUs: Vocals and rhythm guitar.

AKA: Stosh 

Ultimate concert destination: A vineyard in Tuscany where I could combine my passions for great wine, great music and worship.

Favorite thing ever:  Every year I spend a week riding with the Mild Hogs across the vistas of the West. I love the scenic beauty of the National Parks. My goal is to see as many as possible before my motorcycle breaks down.

Holly Huston

Involvement with AwakenUs: Singer/songwriter

Ultimate concert destination: Ireland

Favorite Princess Bride quote: “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday” I still start to laugh before that scene even arrives on the screen. 

Admirable qualities in your band mates: 
  o Stan has been with me since day one, which means he’s extremely longsuffering and patient (LOL)
  o Steve is a gifted drummer, vocalist and musician.
  o Mark is a brilliant guitarist and musician. He is pretty much the creative force behind the music.
  o Tony is very quiet and unassuming, but with a razor sharp wit (when he choses to use it) and a  talented guitarist to boot.
  o Ron is pretty much the behind the scenes orchestrator of all things, not to mention a wicked bass player.

Steve Kuker

Involvement with AwakenUs: I play drums and sing lead and backing vocals. 

Favorite Bible verse: A number of verses refer to one of my favorite sayings… “let go and let God”.

Favorite original song thus far: My favorite is Restore. It is SUCH a journey and so very very powerful!!! I think most people can relate to it… questioning, then anger, then trusting in His unfailing love. The big-time vocals in the last third of the song are just awesome!

Musical influences: I like the hard stuff folks!

Tony Bockelman

Involvement with AwakenUs: Guitars. I first starting playing guitar because I was headed off to college and that was the way to get the girls, right? 

Musical influences: In high school - Hank Williams, Jr. and Led Zeppelin with tangents into classical music and "new" country. Now I've got the Zeppelin loaded, along with some Alabama, David Crowder Band, Red, and Ke$ha. Gotta have variety!

Brush with greatness: When was in college I got to shake hands with Orville Redenbacher. It was strange because he said hello, shook my hand, and then gave me a sticker with his image that said "I met Orville Redenbacher, the Popcorn King." 

Mark Gabert

Involvement with AwakenUs: Guitars and sound engineer

Ultimate concert destination: A piazza in Rome, Italy.

Musical influences: I started playing the guitar at 7. My dad would let me stay up to watch the Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell television shows.I love all kinds of great guitar music. Chet Atkins, George Benson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges and Andy McKee to name a few. I am also a huge Rush fan.

Brush with greatness:  I have met David Carradine from the Kung Foo TV show, and used a urinal next to Peter Strauss of Rich Man, Poor Man fame.

Ron Siberg