The Forgotten EP

Street Date: 1/29/2013

1.Call Your Name
2.Prayer For The Living
5.The Forgotten
The Forgotten EP focuses our subject matter to care for all people in the Kingdom. With a more polished sound, these five songs reiterate everyone’s need to have a compassionate relationship with our neighbors and our Savior. Prayer For The Living and The Forgotten plead with society for reconciliation. On a more personal level, Call Your Name and Fallible describe varying interactions with God. Lastly, the song Gravity describes the weight of sin, and how it can be lifted from our daily lives.

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Street Date: 12/1/2009

1.Carry Me
4.Will You?
9.Grace in Action
11.Claire’s Song
Reveal contains a variety of musical styles within the Christian rock genre. Carry Me is a rock ballad that transcends the Christian realm. The songs Awaken and Restore use components of hard and ambient rock along with the amazing harmonies of the group's vocalists. Will You and Claire's Song capture authentic emotion in simple concise music and lyrics. Grace In Action, Mirror, and Reveal show the great mix of acoustic and electric sound and showcase the wide ranging vocal abilities of the group. The driving rhythms of Lavish and the mix of old time gospel and rock in Bend round out the eclectic group of songs that make up Reveal.